Air Bed Mattresses

Air bed mattresses have become a popular choice for many homes because of their convenience and comfort. We analyse the air mattress,and have a look at the repair kit and pump that go with this bed mattress.

We do this by highlighting the pros and cons stated in mattress reviews and ratings.

As its name implies, the mattress is simply an inflatable type of textile-reinforced fabric, rubber or plastic.

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What is most convenient about the inflatable mattresses is that they provide a quick, almost portable yet comfortable option for bedding.

With the use of an air bed mattress pump, which is usually included with your purchase, the mattress can be inflated and deflated, and can be transported easily.The mattress can be can be inflated either by blowing into a valve orally or through an electric or manual foot-powered pump.For many years, these mattresses have been considered only as a convenience portable bed for camping or as temporary bedding for guests.However, with advances in the comfort and air retention technology, inflatable mattresseshave made its way into the household, even serving as primary beds for many.If you’re planning to get yourself this type of bedding, a good examination of its features as well as its advantages and disadvantages should prove helpful and beneficial for you as a consumer.

Examining The Features Of The Mattresses

If you’re in the hunt for this mattress type , you have a wide selection of brands, qualities, styles, prices, and types that you can pick from with a good number of companies answering the big demand for it.

After a good look into mattress reviews, your search for the best mattress should start by a good examination of mattress features and taking into consideration the following factors:

• The air chambers. The market for these mattresses offers a broad range of options to choose from when it comes to the air bladders.

The variations in the materials used include nylon, urethane, PVC, rubber, just to name a few.In your search for the best air mattress for you, do not forget to weigh this factor against the comfort level that the material brings because nylon and urethane, for example, tend to be stiffer compared to those flexible and elastic vulcanized air chambers.

• The layers on top of the air chambers. You know you have the best air mattress when you have memory foam and latex material layered on top of those air bladders.

They do not only keep the mattresses safe from possible punctures, they offer your mattress a comfortable feel.

• Your air bed mattress pump system should only have a few moving parts, accessible, comfortably audible, and UL listed.

• The air mattress remotes and controls. The simpler this tool is, the easier it would be for you to control your air bed mattresses.

Stay away from those complex types that will require you to press numerous buttons just to get one function.

• The best air mattress should have good and rigid side rails as part of their design, allowing you to sit at the edge of your bed and yet not feel the side rails painfully digging at your legs.

• Experts suggest that it is also wiser to purchase those assemble-it-yourself air bed mattresses. Most of these come in modular designs that are easy to put together even by the wife alone.

Also, these mattress variations are shipped quickly compared to those pre-assembled ones.

• The mattress warranty. Even with the best quality control, your air mattress is prone to break or go defective from time to time so choose that air mattress manufacturer that holds an impressive record of a good number of years.

Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages

So you’re still undecided as to whether this tyoe of mattress will work for you and answer your sleeping needs? Then look into these advantages and disadvantages and check for yourself which matters most.

This step should be followed by checking out those air mattress reviews and ratings online. First, the advantages:

• The firmness and softness of your air mattress can be adjusted.

Depending on the amount of air you put into your air bed mattress, you can have the softness of your side of the bed adjusted.

• Air bed mattresses are undoubtedly lighter compared to their counterparts, making it easier to transport, move, or tuck in beddings and sheets.

• Compared to latex, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses, air bed mattresses in general have lesser chances of sagging, losing support, and developing body impressions over time.

• With parts replaceable, one can always have a malfunctioning air mattress repaired and without having to replace the bed entirely.

• Air mattress beds, especially the duel-chambered types are designed in such a way that they absorb or localize motion.

This means any movement of your sleep partner is limited to his space, eliminating those sleepless nights just because your bed mate is a big toss and turner at night.

• The longevity and durability one sees with air bed mattresses speaks for a good value for your money. Reasonable maintained air mattresses can last more than seven years.

• Air mattresses have also been found to be helpful for those with disabilities and injuries.

There are air mattresses with special features that aid the handicapped such as adjustable firmness

The Disadvantages of Air Bed Mattresses

Although they have unmatched benefits, these mattresses also have a few disadvantages.

• Dual-chambered air mattresses with varying firmness levels tend to develop a slope or trench at the middle over time. However, for single-chambered air beds, nothing of this kind happens.

• There are types that are just operationally complex, especially those that are largely operated by the air bed mattress pump.

• Some light-sleeping users normally complain about the noise that the pump creates.

• Since it is made of materials like plastic, vinyl, textile or rubber, damage might be inevitable if not handled properly.

Depending on your brand of choice, some mattresses are made from less durable materials.

Also, if you are used to the firmness of the traditional mattress, getting comfortable on an air bed may take some getting used to.

If you would like to purchase this type of mattress for your home, it is worth knowing the aforementioned pros and cons.

So the question now is: is this type of mattress worth buying? First, think about the reason why you need the mattress in the first place.

If you are going on a camping trip or if you need beddings for an unexpected visitor, an air bed mattress would be your best option.If you want portability and willing to compromise a little in terms of comfort, then an air bed will give you what you need.

Today, there are a wide range of options for air beds. From the simplest one-chamber mattresses down to multiple-chambered pillow tops with digital remotes, you are spoilt for choice.

If you want to make the most out of your purchase, it is very important that you choose the best air mattress product and brand to trust.

It is important that you do a lot of research – read a lot of air bed mattress reviews, check air bed ratings, ask for recommendations – and even physically inspect them before buying.

Being able to spread the body’s weight and contact to the mattress in a manner that is more even is the secret of this type of mattresses.

Like its counterparts, the air mattress is likewise able to eliminate pressure points to the body that results in restless and stressful sleep.

Originally designed for medical and hospital environments where high levels of back support is a must, air bed mattresses are indeed a mattress type you just need to try out for yourself to get that unique experience of sleeping in air.

The convenience, practicality, mobility and the comfort that air bed mattresses provide make them an important piece in every household.